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Aimee is a London-based make-up artist with over seven years of experience working across the Fashion and Beauty industry. She honed her make-up skills assisting some of the top artists in her field, working alongside them on the Fashion Week Circuit, and industry-renowned sets for publications such as British Vogue, Numero, I.D, Wonderland, and many more.

Aimee is available for Red Carpet/ Personal Events, Beauty, and fashion-based work. 

Specialising in fresh, natural skin, Aimee uses make-up as a tool to accentuate and celebrate the natural beauty of each individual sitting in her chair. In contrast to her love of the ‘no makeup’ look, Aimee regularly draws inspiration from her love of traveling and being outdoors, incorporating color and texture into her work. This combination of beautiful skin, paired with Aimee’s play on colour, makes for a modern take on make-up with a contemporary twist. 

Clients include Bruna The Label, Dermalogica, Field Trip Skincare, William Cheshire Jewellery

Talent includes Rosalind Eleazer, Laura Whitmore, Caroline Sheen, and Jamie Demetriou

Publications include PussPuss Magazine, 5Eleven Magazine, 1883 Magazine, Financial Times, Vogue Online, Zero-Nine Magazine.

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